About Us

We aim at combining the best practical, ethical and scientific know-how
with good leadership, organization and strong out grower community. 
We aim to be leaders in what we do.

Our Mission and Values

Our vision is to be the leading sustainable farm, where we farm to feed Uganda and also protect and safeguard the environment for future generations.

AYEN Farmstead Rabbitry team share their midday meal

We acknowledge with pride that we have hardworking, skilled and dedicated staff. 

Our daily operations are run by our Farm Manager, who knows hands-on how our farms are best managed.

At our farms, we are one big family. This kind of attitude has indeed contributed to the motivation of our staff. 

We are passionate about farming and we continuously focus on becoming better farmers….exceeding in what we do.

Our Objectives:

  • To produce healthy and safe products from our farms
  • To make engage in sustainable activities on the farm
  • To engage farmers in better breed livestock production
  • To safeguard the environment for the future generation

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Working towards competitiveness, improving farmer breeds, community development, being environmentally sustainable and sustainability on the farm.

Our Values