British Market Should Benefit All Uganda Beef Cattle Farmers

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British Market Should Benefit All Uganda Beef Cattle Farmers

This week, President Museveni was in London to attend the United Kingdom-Africa Investment Summit 2020. The “invest in Africa” business conference was, as usual, graced by the presence of many African heads of state hoping to attract British investors.

In a post by President Museveni on social media site Twitter, he said: “I am glad that in his speech, British prime minister Boris Johnson indicated that our products, including Uganda’s beef, would find its way onto the dining table of post-Brexit Britain. Our position has always been balanced trade that benefits all parties.”

Ordinarily, all Ugandan farmers, especially the cattle keepers, should have celebrated upon hearing the prospect of their products being displayed in British supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

However, many were left wondering if the beef being talked about will not actually be from just a few elites and politicians.

There is great potential for Ugandan beef, which Uganda Investment Authority says is low in fat and cholesterol, which is desired in some developed countries. Therefore, beef from Uganda undeniably has significant money making potential, not just in Britain, but in other markets around the world.

But there is fear that majority of Ugandan cattle keepers are unlikely to benefit from the President’s efforts in London.

While President Museveni was still in London, real life concerns were playing out back at home.