Goat Products

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Goat Products

Goat Meat Products

Cabrito is meat from very young, milk fed goats between 4 and 8 weeks of age.
Chevon may be goat from 48 to 60 pounds and 6 to 9 months of age.
Capretto is the Italian term “kid goat.”
Whatever you call it, goat meat, when prepared properly, is delicious.

For centuries goat meat has been enjoyed throughout the world, Uganda inclusive.

It is cooked in various ways: boiled, barbecued, fried, and some cultures even eat it raw.

Many say that it is more sumptuous than cows meat. In Uganda, it is also more expensive.

Goat meat is approximately the equivalent in caloric value to chicken and has less than half the calories of beef and pork per serving. This is desirable for persons with a need to reduce their caloric intake.

Goat Fiber Products

The two most common fibers produced from goats are mohair and cashmere. Angora goats produce mohair. Cashmere is a type of fiber, not a breed and goats are selected for the fiber they produce. Unfortunately, we do not have these in Uganda today.

Goat Dairy Products

Goat’s milk is delicious, nutritious and wholesome.

Milk Comparison: Source of Picture

Goat milk the milk is good for babies not breastfeeding. This is because of its high nutrition content as compared to cows. It is also excellent for those with high blood pressure as well as those with allergies.

Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized, which means the cream remains suspended in the milk, instead of rising to the top, as in raw cow’s milk. The fat globules are smaller than those in cow’s milk and the curd is softer and smaller, making the di

Cheese from Goats Milk: Source of Picture

gestion easier. Those who are allergic to cow’s milk may tolerate and thrive on goat’s milk.

Goat’s milk is used for drinking, cooking and baking. It is used to make cheese, butter, ice cream, yogurt and body products. Goat’s milk is naturally emulsified. Cream does not rise readily, but can be obtained with a mechanical separator. Then because of the whiter nature of goats milk, the resulting cheese and butter is also whiter than that made from cows milk.

Goat Leather

Goat leather is soft and fine grained when well cured. It is used to make many kinds of quality leather items

Soap from Goats

Soap from Goats Milk: Source of PictureCleanses Gently Yet Deeply.

Goatsmilk can very well make soap. Those that have used it say it has deep cleansing effect; and that it also gives health and nourished skin.

It is known to keep the skin soft and moisturized, even after use. It prevents premature aging and keeps the skin acne-free.

More, it is known to relieve irritation and inflammation. In cvase of an injury, when applied, the skin heals faster. It is even known to heal skin infections faster as well as maintain pH balance in the skin.

Goat Lotion

Milk made from Goats Milk: Source of the Picture

Body lotion made from goats milk leaves a rather soft powder feel. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth to the touch. The moisturizing benefits of goat milk lotion far surpass that of commercial lotion because of the natural creams of goat milk.