How AI is transforming agriculture

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How AI is transforming agriculture

With the global population soaring, the agricultural sector is facing a crisis, but AI has the potential to deliver much-needed solution

AI-powered technologies are getting to be more pervasive across several industries in the world today; finance, transport, energy, healthcare and now agriculture.

Agro-based firms are looking for new ways to attain and maintain a competitive edge and boost their productivity, as well as to deliver new products and services to the market. Over the last few years, the growth in AI technology has strengthened agro-based businesses to run more efficiently.

Meanwhile, according to the latest UN projections, world population will rise from 6.8 billion to 9.1 billion in 2050 – a third more mouths to feed than there are today while only 4% of additional land will come under cultivation by then. According to the same survey, during this time, food production will have to increase by 70% as factors such as climate change, population growth and food security concerns propel the agro-industry into seeking more innovative approaches to protecting and improving crop yield.

AI-powered solutions will not only enable farmers to do more with less, they will also improve quality and ensure faster go-to-market for crops. While we may just be at the early stage of this transformation, here are some major ways AI is transforming the agricultural sector.

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Employing the use of agricultural drones would help increase crop production and monitor crop growth. Drones that uses AI helps farmers to scan their fields and monitor every stage of the production cycle. This will help farmers to make data-driven decisions.

Agricultural drones let farmers see their fields from the sky. This birds-eye view would expose intending issues on the farm such as irrigation problems, soil variation as well as pest and fungal infestations. Having identified these issues, the farmer can come up with solutions to improve crop management and production.

This AI technology is transforming the agricultural sector, as farmers can depend on the data that drones record to determine the state of the farm rather than walking all the distance. This gives the farmer time to focus on the big picture of production and expansion instead of spending excess time surveying their crops and the state of the farm.

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