Lighting up AYEN Farmstead

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Lighting up AYEN Farmstead

During COVID-19, we were stuck with our milk. We couldnt access the market because the clients were not earning either and many shops has been closed. MIlk is a perishable commodity and goes bad after 24 hours. However, when processed to cheese, yogurt or other forms of milk products, its life span is extended immensely. This was the motivation behind the need for a power source.

Irrespective of the milk product, need for power was vital. There is no electricity in our village. We needed power that would not only enable us light up the area and cook but also use it in getting the fridges fworking. We contacted our engineer and she gave us options:

  • Pull electrical power – It would definitely cost us an arm and leg to pull electricity to our farm. There is no electricity in our village
  • Use a generator – the need to always have a fuel source may present challenges. The nearest fuel source is our 15kms away
  • Use solar – yes, we have plenty of sunshine. However, we also have the rainy days. During the rains, we may not get enough power for our fridges
  • Use biogas – this is costly but once set up, is the most practical. We mave the cowdung to feed into the system. It is not affected by sunshne or fuel. More, the biogas will provide high quality and low-cost homegrown fertiliser for our farm

So we opted for biogas. See how far we have come …