Production of Vegetable Protein in Changing Climate

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Production of Vegetable Protein in Changing Climate

Global warming and climate changes and their ejects on human life, and agriculture, is one of substantial challenges faced by Humans.

The temperature of air when increased results in escalated evaporation and the evolution of new areas of drought, decreased plant vegetation time, effortless existence of pathogens and pests and, this results in decreased production of many crops even to 5 to 10 percent.

Considering the global warming and negative phenomena of weather, we can expect more and more difficulty  in crop yield conditions due to inadequate water retention, non-cost-effective technologies of
agriculture and irrigation, increased production costs.

Production of plant protein in Europe is quite hard, so the United Emirates, also Poland is mostly
dependent on soybean protein coming from GMO cultivars, mainly from South America.

What is the most important issue to meet the demands of the above mentioned changes in the production of vegetable protein?

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