Rearing Chicken on our Farm

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Rearing Chicken on our Farm

We have chicken on the farm too.

These chickens are local and reared locally. Every morning, they jump down from their tree and go look for food.In the evening, they climb back and sleep.

Whereas the mother hens sleep in a locally made shelter, the laying chickens lay eggs in laying baskets attached to the traditional huts.

This is how we make their laying baskets

Get reeds from the swamp or market. If they are not dry, dry them in the sunshine. hold a bundle of about 1 inch thickness and roll dry rafia around it to make a long tail like ‘rope’.

Using a shoe makers needle and rafia,sew the ‘rope’ together, while forming the basket shape and size of preference. Start with the base, going upwards.

Finish it by making the handles, normally two for added balance and strength when hanged up.

Outside your traditional hut, hang it and tie it properly sothat the chicken does not fall down.

It is hang there for shade and security.

Do not forget to check the strength of the laying basket every time a chicken lays its eggs.

Sharing pictures: Maxwell, the Farm Manager shows some samples …

Side View: The Laying Chicken basket


Bottom Inner View: The Laying Chicken basket


Outside Bottom View: The Laying Chicken basket


The tree where the rest of the chicken stay

Uses of Local Chicken
  • They have a social-cultural function; tradition chickens are given as part of the bride ‘price’ in marriage
  • The gizzard of a chicken must be served to the male visitor when the chicken is slaughtered in his honour.
  • For meat at home
  • The legs, bones and head are the dogs
  • They are used for barter trade. This is practised in the Lango sub-regions as well; where a bull, cow or heifer can be exchanged for a certain number of chickens
  • Those that believe in rituals, use the white one to cleanse cultural or ritual misfortunes, while black ones are used in rituals to condemn or curse social offenders.