Sexed Semen Technique: A Revolution in Indian Dairy Industry

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Sexed Semen Technique: A Revolution in Indian Dairy Industry

India is unique in its appreciation of the cow culturally with less than 40% of India’s cows productive. НLs coupled with high milk demand renders the male calf not productive and thus non-required
and are oіen castrated early in life and mostly left unattended.

Sexed semen is simply as the name states, semen that has been separated to contain sperm that will most likely produce a male or female offspring.

In today’s dairy industry, producers need to implement strategies that will produce results and help them gain a competitive edge in their market. Using sexed semen is one such strategy, that, when used properly on a dairy, can help farmers grow their herds internally.

As small farms are converted into larger operations, there are a number of issues that must be dealt with in order to achieve a smooth transition. Taking advantage of sexed semen technology, heifers will be born as oіen as 95% of the time, instead of 49% of the time when using semen that is not sorted for sex

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