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We buy cattle, goats, sheep and rabbits. We sell them either as carcasses or live animals.

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We deal in pine and eucalyptus tree farming. We also train in their preparation and management.

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We buy and sell quality agricultural products like Beans, Maize, Soya, Millet and alot more.

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Our Approach to Farming

Since AYEN was founded in 1997, our never-failing goal has always been to have all our products clean and health for human consumption. All our livestock are open range and grass-fed on pastures. Protecting our Environment is a concern to us and so is Community Development. We sell cattle. We sell goats. We sell rabbits. We sell milk. Soon, we will be selling pasture as well…

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Plot 18C Awich Road, P. O. Box 543 Gulu, Uganda



+256 752 693846