COVID-19 pandemic hit us too!! Being majorly ranchers, our milk sales dropped by over 70%. This is because people could no longer buy our milk because their salaries had been halted. Worse, the transport was increasingly difficult because of the lockdown – vehicles were not permitted to travel as freely as we would have preferred. We ran to The Small Business Recovery Fund to enable us to obtain process our milk to a state that would last longer than 24 hours.

On 17th March 2021, we prepared our first yogurt!! See our pictures below …

The Small Business Recovery Fund is a dedicated short-term emergency financial relief fund to support at least 20 selected START Facility pipeline SME’s facing threats from COVID-19 related challenges and accelerate their capacity to access START Facility concessional funding from Uganda Development Bank and other financing institutions. All loans extended to SMEs under the recovery fund from the START Facility should be paid back by December 2021.

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